We all have a purpose…

Hey! So, I have a story to share…

On Sunday, January 24, 2016, I woke up in extreme pain. I found out I was pregnant that Friday, but I was already afraid. I had a miscarriage in 2011 and that’s all I could think about. But, that pain was so intense that I could not ignore it. I kept hearing a whisper, “Go today.”

So, I went!

I walked to Kings County Hospital because we just had a blizzard – 24 inches! I didn’t complain, but I did enjoy the view. It was beautiful after the snowstorm! What a blessing.

I was quickly admitted and saw my first doctor. They confirmed my pregnancy and said they will run several exams to see what was wrong. They did a pelvic exam, but could not see the fetus. Of course I was sent to get an advanced ultrasound.

After a 45 minute ultrasound, I heard the technician say, “There is your problem.” I didn’t say anything. As I painfully walked back to the exam room, I was preparing to hear I had a miscarriage. But, I was informed that I needed emergency surgery because I was suffering from an ectopic pregnancy – my fetus was on my left ovary. I cried.

I called my family since my boyfriend was with me. I told them I was being prepared for surgery. After I prayed with my prayer warrior, I knew God sent me there that day. He knew I could not wait until Monday to see my GYN. He knew and the doctors confirmed by saying, “I’m glad you came today because had you waited, well, we wouldn’t have this conversation.” I smiled.

 Preparing for surgery, I was smiling. I didn’t worry because I was where God needed me. I’m thankful I listened to that whisper because I knew God needed me to get better to do better.

After an hour and half, I was in recovery. I woke up to see my family. The surgery confirmed I was on time because I was bleeding internally – all I could do was smile.

A week after surgery, I was faced with the question – what did you learn? I learned I have a great purpose. When I quit my job in August 2015, I knew what it was. Along the way I did feel conflicted, but those conflicts were test for me. Can Tanisha help others that are faced with adversity and are living unhappy and unhealthy lives? Absolutely!

I want you to know the beautiful person that you envision meeting exist within you. He/she are hidden underneath the layers of life we have developed over the years – since childhood. Yes, you were destined to do something extraordinary, but you were blocked and have been adding more blockage. January 24th was no mystery for me. I didn’t know about it, but God used it as a tool to help me understand my purpose and to challenge me to live it – everyday until I’m no longer here.

Join the mission of happy and healthy. But, are you ready?


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