You can lose weight and still be unhappy…


Yes, the title is accurate. Losing weight is just an action. Losing weight does not lead to complete happiness. Let me share a story…

In October 2014, I took a job that was 8 minutes from my home and I was making over $85,000. I had lost over 150 pounds over the previous year and a half. So, to people I should’ve been extremely happy. My life should had been perfect.

Well, on my 2nd day at this new job I was already crying and knew I made a bad decision. In 4 months, I gained 15 pounds. I was miserable. I could not stand people and I was back being angry majority of the time. Guess what? That 150 pound success story featured in multiple publications no longer mattered because I was not happy.

When people currently contact me during consultations, they get very confused when the discussion on nutrition last approximately 6 minutes. Guess what? We can quickly get you eating healthier in a matter of seconds. The real problem is your life!

If you are working at a job you hate before you start losing weight, chances are when you finish losing that weight, you’re still going to work at the job you hate. So, only one thing changed – the number of pounds on the scale. If you were negative in your thinking before you lost weight, chances are your attitude will not change once you lose the weight.

Point is… If you are not happy with some aspect of your life, you will constantly battle with your weight over time. People that do not solve the root problem to their weight gain will continue to battle this matter over and over – we call that yo-yo dieters. You can bounce from job to job seeking happiness aka more money, but guess what? You won’t find it. Why? You are not living the life that will make you happy. If you’re depressed over losing a loved one and you have not fully grieved, you will continue to be depressed after the weight loss. So, until you start living your happiest life, you will continue to live an unhealthy life. When our life is not completely happy, we seek some form of unhealthy comfort (eating, drinking, smoking, explicit sexual activity, shopping, sleeping, etc.). Don’t think losing weight will solve your life’s problem.

Here are 3 Steps:

  1. Identify what the problem/trigger is
  2. Work at solving the problem/trigger
  3. Develop a plan to handle the problem/trigger

So, are you looking to just lose weight and remain in the same life – mind, body, and spirit. That’s fine for some people, but I realized that I could not keep letting my body, mind, and spirit suffer because of unhappy triggers. Imagined if I would’ve stayed at that job? I would’ve gained majority of the weight back. Not because I did not have discipline, but I was so unhappy.

Maya Angelou said, “Do right. Right might not be expedient. Right might not be profitable, but it brings joy to your heart.” When I walked away from that job, people thought I was insane. When I told people I was happier, they automatically thought I was lying. My trigger was I was not living my purpose and it finally made sense to me. No, when I built my business and became an inspirational speaker, it was far from easy and not profitable at first, but I did not give up. I knew God placed a special talent in me and I knew the day I quit why he placed me in this environment. The trigger was a reminder that no matter how much weight I would lose, if I did not fix the root problem, I would continue to face the same challenge overtime – yo-yo dieting.

He (God) needed to show me the weight loss was only 5-10% of true happiness. Being happy was a destination. I had lost the weight and was back to an unhappy place in my life. So, when I tell you that you have to want more beyond the weight loss, I need you to trust me. I’ve been there. Done that. Once you open your eyes, you’ll see just how happy you can be by living the life you desire.

Start identifying why you keep gaining the weight. Some may need to pray on it because it is buried deep inside – it’s hidden. Many of us have triggers from childhood and we are not even aware of it. Stop thinking you’re just overweight because you love food. Something triggers you to gain and keep the weight on. That trigger is the piece of unhappy you have to solve to solve your weight problem (or any unhealthy problem). Sorry to bring this reality out, but it’s necessary. I see people go through the same cycle every year and it does hurt to see you put so much damage on your body.

With love,

Tanisha Shanee


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