It’s your life… Live it like Beyoncé…

Everyone is going crazy over Beyoncé’s new song, Formation. If I am honest, I am not a fan of her, but this song changed everything!!! Beyoncé is living her life – by her rules and that’s the message (one of many) I received.

She made a statement about the Illuminati and I agree. People believe just because people are rich and wealthy, they worship the Devil. People will question why they have nice things and expect celebrities to save every crisis in the world because of their financial success. Sadly, I disagree. 

As I come into my purpose, I realize God blesses you because that is the life he intended. While I am not going to go all biblical, I want people to understand God delivers abundance and blesses us so we can bless others. Now, how much you are blessed with is dependent on your prayers and how hard you work. See, I used to pray for small things and well, I was struggling.

When I quit my job in August 2015, I felt my purpose was to be a Lifestyle Coach and coach a few women at a time. While I was happy, I was not receiving everything I needed to execute my full dreams. The real vision I had for myself remained hidden because I felt it was wrong to ask for those things – the big dreams I had. But, as I read the bible mimage1 (7)ore I realized God already had this planned out. He was just waiting for me to get on board.

See, we have blueprints that were created the moment we were conceived. Sadly, some people were meant to be born and experience hardship, but the plan is not to have them suffer, but for them to have faith in God because he turns your life around. But, our human side gets caught up in the problems and many never overcome. We get thrown off course – completely.  When we see Beyoncé and Jay-Z coming from the ‘hood’ we question how could they go from nothing to millionaires? Instead of understanding that they lived in faith, believed in God, worked hard, and prayed for what they dreamed. Instead, we say they sold their souls to the Devil. Far from true! Imagine if Steve Jobs did not have dreams… we would not have fancy iPhones!

I was way off track from my blueprint and one journey opened my eyes. Yes, I lost over 150 pounds, but guess what? That’s not the amazing story. All it did was give me a glimpse of what I was supposed to do – help others to start believing in themselves and to start believing in God to get them through anything. So, when I was a teacher, I was doing my part, but very small. I was pleased, but not satisfied. I was dreaming of more… People said I was looking for fame, but actually I was looking for a larger way to help people to start believing in themselves and for them to start living their best life.

One night I went to Prayer service and the pastor spoke on Spiritual Gifts and explained how God placed this gift in all of us to use, live, and ultimately share with the world. I sat in church and cried during the entire service. God was speaking to me through the pastor. I just kept hearing God saying, “I need you to do this.” He needed me to walk in faith to not have this grand life for Tanisha, but to show people they can live the life he desired for them by accepting what their purpose it.

godplansI was the person believing I had it all planned out. Go to school, get multiple degrees, get a great job, and retire on an island. That was my plan. I tell people all the time, I was destined to gain all that weight. I was destined to get rejected for weight loss surgery. I was destined to work at the job I worked at when I quit. That was apart of God’s plan since he knew I was going to go off track – again. Many of you do. Think about this – do you get this depressed feeling when you are work and start dreaming about doing something different? That’s his message. That dream is not just a dream. It’s your reality. You just have not accepted it yet.

It’s your life. You do have a choice. It may seem far fetched, but it’s only that way because you have not accepted his plan. He’s an amazing God. He wants us all happy. Do not be like me – sitting on a fence for over 5 months debating what to do and whether I made this big mistake. I didn’t. I was thinking too small for 5 months and God had to keep sending messages – in my dreams, through pastors, and perfect strangers.

Live your life. You only have one. Be like Beyoncé for once – I am. Join me on this joyride!!


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