Living with Psoriasis

When I started my lifestyle journey in 2012, I thought by eating natural foods and taking better care of my body that I was improving my overall health. Yes, I was losing weight and my body was looking awesome, but in early 2014, I noticed my hair was extremely dry. Now, I was already drinking over 100 ounces of water a day, so why was my skin still dry??? I started making homemade conditioners with avocado and olive oil and let my hair set for HOURS – no relief. By September 2014, my hair was literally falling out and I had ugly black patches on my scalp. But, that was not the most horrible problem because by November 2014, my legs were starting to cover in ugly dry patches and they were starting to cover my thighs – what was going on?

I went to one dermatologist and she gave me some ointment for my hair and told me I had dermatitis and could not explain what was happening on my legs – REALLY? She said used the ointment on my scalp and my leg too. Ok. The scalp saw some relief, but my leg started to become discolored. I stopped using it. So, I went to a new dermatologist and she indicated I had bed bug bites. WHAT? Oh lord. I was in my house going crazy, but my spiritual mom said, “That does not look like bed bugs. Those are patches, not bites. Find a new doctor.” 

Finally, I found someone that sort of took their time to examine my body. She diagnosed with my psoriasis. What? She said the best way to explain – I had extreme ezcema. That was sort of better, but I was not happy because my legs were ugly now because I had dark patches on my lower legs, red patches on my thighs, and my hair was thinning. She gave me these drops and the prescription was $50 with health insurance – what? Oh no! So, like my lifestyle change, I turned to research.

I went online and tried to find natural remedies or natural based products to help my situation. Now, my hair was my main focus because I was literally flaking all day and my hair was just getting thinner by the day. For anyone that look at my old pictures, my hair has always been THICK, so this was all new to me.image

I found this shampoo on Amazon, MG-217. This stuff worked wonders. My hairstylist would have to let it sit on my scalp for like 35 minutes and gently scrap the plaque off my scalp. Then she had to repeat the process once again. I would get a deep conditioner and apply the MG-217 ointment on my scalp before I left the salon.

After going to the salon every week for two months straight, I saw a huge difference. My stylist was even like, “Oh man! This stuff is helping a lot. The plaque is gone and your hair is growing back.” She recommended that I cut my hair and just start over. After crying, I gave in and cut my hair for the first time in 30 years. Within 6 months, my scalp was better and now I use MG-217 every 3 months as a treatment.image

So, great my hair was under control, but my skin was still a problem. I tried to use the MG-217 as a body wash, but that did not help. So, I started taking oatmeal baths and Epsom salt every weekend. In addition, I started using black soap and raw Shea butter to moisturize my skin – it was helping somewhat. But, I was not satisfied because I was still unsure how I got psoriasis. So, my research hat came back on.

I found that psoriasis was an auto-immune disease and basically, I several things caused flare ups. One of those things – STRESS. As I shared with Prevention Magazine, once I realized I was extremely stressed and it was showing through my skin, I had to make a choice – stop stressing. I started praying and meditating more because I realized I was not doing it enough. Plus, I had to stop letting work get to me.

My quest for a product continued because honestly, I had lost over 140 pounds and wanted to wear my cute skirts and shorts, so hiding my legs were not an option for much longer. Finally, as I walked in ShopRite one morning, I came across Shea Moisture’s Eczema and Psoriasis Therapy Soap. I decided to try it because their products were all-natural and were awesome in general. I later found the body wash and lotion in Target the following week. image

I generally do not take skin pictures, but within the use of the first body, I noticed my large ugly patch on my right leg was not covered in thick plaques and was actually smoothing out. I started to soak with Epsom salt and added the body wash  to the water. This became my weekly routine. Shea Moisture’s Eczema and Psoriasis Therapy has been the best thing in controlling my skin and keeping it as smooth as possible. The patches on my thighs are completely gone, but I do have 3 small patches on my legs, but they are now completely smooth – thankfully.

While my stress levels are not completely down, I know that with my daily ritual of prayer and meditation are reducing my flare ups in my scalp and on my skin. I am thankful for these products because they have helped me as I live with this skin disease called, Psoriasis. image

I thank Shea Moisture for their products and MG-217 for saving my hair. It is no longer thin and is back to the full thickness it was before. #BreakTheWalls


Tanisha Shanee


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