SUCCESS… Are you Consistent?

This morning during my walk, I kept thinking and asking myself, how are these people so successful? Earlier this week, I got to meet Motown Records’ recording artist, Sonna Rele. During her interview, she shared she was discovered by Ne’Yo because for two years, every Monday, she would post a video of her singing. Immediately, I understood what my problem in life was.

As many of you know, I have been on this lifestyle journey with Christ and living my purpose for the last two years. But, I consistently have bumps in my journey. Now, as I am honest with myself, they were not real bumps. I created those bumps because I refused to be consistent. Every day God sends me messages – shoot, I am honestly sent several messages a day. But, I would not be consistent with my messages. I made excuses why I could not deliver my messages – nobody wants to hear it; my hair is a mess; my journey was my journey – nobody needs to hear about me losing weight. Consistent message: I was making it about me.

img_0648We make a habit of being consistent of the wrong things. We focus on what if it does not work instead of what if it does work. Imagine the person that created the swimming pool noodle probably was consistent in trying to help new swimmers in not drowning with this long noodle. If he/she would had dwelled on what if nobody purchases it or what if it does not work, instead of what if 1 million people purchased this and what if it is successful, Walmart and Dollar Tree stores would not be flooded with them during this summer season. We have to stop being consistent in negative thoughts and take the chance of being consistent in positive thoughts.

I have learned successful people don’t let fear and doubt take over. They believe in their purpose so much, they seem crazy to everyone. They wake up trying to find new ways to share this message or idea because they know it is going to work. One person was consistent in sharing their idea and messages until they established a following and people started to LOOK for their message for inspiration or motivation. We live in a society where people are looking for the next, “I NEED.” So, if we are consistent in what we do, we will become a part of the I NEED population.

I honestly did not think my messages were getting to people until someone texted me one day asking me why I had not been posting new videos. I honestly was shocked because I did not believe my videos were reaching anyone. Why did I believe that? Well, I was looking at the number of total views. Some videos were reaching 50-100 people. I felt, well they are not reaching the masses, so they are not relevant. I was forgetting about the 50-100 people that tuned in. So, I had to stop thinking about me and what I was receiving.

So, if you want to be successful, you have to be consistent TODAY and every day. Someone is depending on you for some form of support, love, or motivation. I found that someone’s video recorded in their basement could save someone from committing suicide. Like, those small moments we tend to write off as being Insignificant, could in fact be huge and can help someone in finding what they need. When I go back to my comments, I have found my messages were saving lives and people were being inspired to not only get healthy, but to exist and want more out of life. The day the person that inspired me to live my purpose, called me to say my message motivated her, I knew I had to do something and stop thinking it was not relevant.

My success is not contingent on how many followers I have today or how many views I have on a video, but on being obedient and delivering that message because it can possibly be the message someone is waiting for me. My message to you today is: whatever you are supposed to be obedient about – do it. Someone is depending on you right now!


Tanisha Shanee


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