The Fatherless on Father’s Day

​​I’ll be 32 in August and guess what? I’ve never celebrated Father’s Day with my father. Never.

So, Father’s Day was never significant in my life. Actually, I am usually angry on this day because I grew to hate my father. He left our family when I was 2 for a life of drugs. I’ve called him names such as crackhead, but yesterday, June 19th, God spoke to my spirit. God said how can you judge him?

When I realized what that meant, I took a nap. Yes! When God checks me, I sleep. After my nap, I knew I had to forgive him because he lived an unhealthy life and guess what? So did I! His choice was drugs. My choice was food! We were both wrong and addicted to something God never intended for us to depend on. 

​I hope this video helps you as it has helped me because it opened my heart and eyes. I know this burden is lifted and it is a step closer to the bless life God continues to release upon. 

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Tanisha Shanee


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