4 Reasons To Detox Immediately!

Wow! It is September already. Fall is here and honestly, I just think it is a perfect time to think about releasing of different things in life. The act of detoxing is the act of removing poison, waste from you body. But, in recent years, I realized detoxing was more than a physical act, it was a mental, emotional, and spiritual process. Detoxing is truly one of the best forms of self-love and self-care one can do for themselves. I am always asked when is a good time to detox and why? So, here are 4 reasons you should start to detox immediately.

Jump start a weight loss journey! Physical detoxing is rewarding because you are seeking to tanishafistrelease the waste, fat, and toxins that are stuck in your body. Your organs have been weighed down and overused over the years because of the poor lifestyle choices made – fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Detoxing the body will help to restore your organs, introduce foods that your body has not received and naturally receive the nutrients and vitamins you need to replenish you. The benefit is you will start to see pounds removed from your body, but importantly, you will feel a sense of renewal internally.

As many of you know, in October 2012, I was faced with my unhealthiest self. I weighed over 350 pounds. While I typically would start a diet, I realized starting with a detox was best because I had not been eating the things I needed to eat. What we do not realize is our body does not need medicine to heal us. The proper foods consumed will naturally heal you and will motivate you to start making healthier choices because the results are so rewarding. I started with a 21-30 day detox and was able to see results – I lost about 30 days by jump starting my lifestyle change with an incredible detox. I recommend starting with a 7 day detox and gradually continue. Here is a healthy tip to start detoxing with water.

Start/renew a spiritual journey.  We tend to focus on the physical act of detoxing, but over the years, more people have experienced detoxing has given them a sense of a higher power or source. I have read how people started to meditate instead of eating useless foods that did not serve them. They saw a connection between the foods that were curing their bodies with also curing their minds and spirits. Honestly, this makes the detox more rewarding and beneficial in my opinion because you are clearing your body of the waste and your mind and spirit of waste as well.

To encompass this spiritual journey into your journey can be simply meditating every morning for 10-30 minutes. Praying. Writing into a journal – releasing mental and spiritual baggage. Crying. These are just some actions that should be apart of your detox journey to maximize the outcomes in the end of the process – whether 7 or 30 days.

Relationship Break-Up or Start of New Relationship. Love. The word so many of us love and hate. Relationships can definitely be a blessing, but when you break up with someone, starting a detox could help you to remove the pain and hurt you are feeling. When we are in a relationship, we take on others’ energy and that is something you have to do too. Release their energy from you – mind, body, and spirit. So, next time it does not work out, start detoxing and renewing who you are because you deserve to have the best life for yourself.

Just like a break-up, if you are starting a new relationship, taking the time to detox is not a bad idea. Depending on how much time you have been single, a detox will help you to prepare for receiving new love. The act of being single tends to bring forth the energy of “I don’t need anyone in my life” and that is a negative energy. So, detoxing at the threshold of a new relationship would help you in removing any residual energy from the previous relationships and any single-ish thoughts you might have developed during your time alone. I recommend a 7-14 day detox for the start of a new relationship.

Start of new dream or journey. Starting a new job, educational journey, starting a new business, or chasing your dreams requires an extensive amount of energy – mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Detoxing can remove the heaviness you might feel which comes in forms of doubt, fear, and anxiety. As you remove what you do not need in your life, you will replenish it during the detox. Your heart will be healthier to give you the drive to tackle this new journey in your life. You will have clarity to see your new journey or dream clearer because you have removed the toxins from your body that did not belong.

As you can see, detoxing is not just about releasing of waste and it is not only about weight loss. Detoxing is beneficial for multiple layers of your life. While we might not see the need to detox before we start a new job or start a new relationship, think about what you have taken with you from the previous jobs and relationships and remember, until you remove it from your life, it will still be with you. This is equally as bad as the countless nights you ate at McDonald’s and the Chinese restaurants. The foods with unhealthy fats, loads of sugars and salt, and trans-fats has clogged your arteries and worn your organs down. Get the energy back. Renew your mind, body, and spirit with a detox – immediately.

A recommended jump start detoxification process can be found in my new Heal Thy Body 7 coverpgDay Detox program. It is a complete guideline with a meal plan, recipes, and guidance that you can start when you are ready. For the reasons mentioned above, I have worked with clients over the years in healing their bodies through this entire detox process, but it opened their eyes to healing mentally and spiritually. Some never saw the connection until they experienced it. Yes, you will learn the foods needed to heal you internally, but you will see how that act of healthier options impacts the next steps you seek to take in your life – career, relationships, and everyday living.




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