How I Maintained My Weight Loss After 4 Years

Hey! So, the other day I was reading an article and it stated over 40 million people are on a diet, but 65% of those people are more likely to gain most or all the weight back. It made me appreciate my journey. This past weekend, I celebrated over 4 years on my journey – lost over 100 pounds, but thankfully I fell in the 35% of people. 
How have I been successful

1. I stopped calling it a diet and made it a lifestyle. This is critical in losing and keeping it off. Diets are meant for short term goals. But, lifestyles are meant for the rest of your life. 

2. I changed my mindset about life and this entire journey. Changing the mindset includes how you view your relationship with food. Understanding how you got to your present state, but knowing you have the ability to absolutely change it. Just knowing mentally that it is possible is the biggest step anyone on the journey can take. Just doing it is not always enough – having the right mindset will be best key.

3. I embarked on a spiritual journey as well. Most times we focus on just body and mind, but completely ignore the spirit. Our being consist of mind, body, and spirit; therefore, they are not separate entities. One day I said to myself, “I think I need to pray and meditate.” Honestly, that was the best decision I ever made. Now, I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I was feeding myself good foods and saying positive things, but I was not feeding my spirit anything – I had the same spiritual mentality despite being the same person.

Yes. These 4 years I have continued to follow these three practices because – they work. When I work with others as they devise a healthier life, my goal is to assist them these three areas of their journeys. 

The lifestyle journey is an amazing one when you are given some concrete strategies and steps. Many times people are throwing meal plans your way and expect you to just take action steps. Well, that is the reason why people are not always successful. The rest of them is not being properly fed and most people are not bridging the gap to bring all three – mind, body, and spirit – together as one entity.

Are you ready? Have you sat on the fence of wanting to make a lasting change, but have yet to decide it is possible, yet? I know. I was there back in 2012. Just know over 100 pounds off later, I know it is possible and I am ready to help you in devising the map towards your success story. 

Get started with me today. I am accepting new personal coaching clients and cannot wait for us to start working towards your success. 

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