3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss

Every time you look around, you see another ad promoting a new fat burning pill or shake to help you lose the stubborn fat. Yes, they might work, but most people do not want to wait for a shipment in the mail or cough up the money for these pricey wonder pills. At least, I do not.

For the last 3+ years, I have done tremendous research on how to lose belly fat and since I am on a mission to lose the stubborn fat I put back on while I was recovering from my unexpected surgery, I decided to share some of the best detox waters that I used in the past and will drink again. The best part is, they are simple to create, easy to make, and are very delicious! Read More


Meal Prep… Your Savior!

Living in a big city such as New York City can be very difficult to settle down and find time to eat a healthy meal. We live up the name of the city that never sleeps because I know people that wake up at the crack of dawn and are out the house until close to midnight – insane. When I started my lifestyle journey in 2012, one of the first things I had to learn how to do was find time to eat healthier – regardless of my schedule. At one time, I was working two jobs and was coming home at 11pm at night. So, my solution was meal prepping. (See my tip in Prevention Online magazine)

Naturally, I spend about 2-4 hours on Sunday’s preparing my meals for the week. This saves me time and energy because during the week, I could get real busy with working out, attending events, or recording for my webTV series, so I do not need to open the window of opportunity to eat unhealthy – every day.

After I started coaching people, I found more people had extremely busy schedules and they literally had limited time to prepare their meals, so I got the idea to assist those busy professionals in achieving their lifestyle goals. In 2015, I started Healthy Eating Solutions and we provide meal prepping to busy professionals in New York City – medical professionals, lawyers, corporate senior executives, and entrepreneurs. Our clients are not all looking to lose weight, but seek to establish healthier lifestyles overall. image

Like I tell anyone that do not see the benefits of meal prepping or investing in meal prepping, here are three benefits I want to share with you.

1. You save money. In NYC especially, people can easily spend anywhere between $3-30 a day on eating out from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Purchasing your groceries once a week and preparing your meals will reduce your cost tremendously. The meal prep service will bring you around $18 a day for at least 2 healthy meals.

2. Try new, exciting meals and foods. When I started preparing my meals in 2012, I turned to the Internet. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start when you are searching for new options. It opened my eyes to trying foods I never ate before. In the last year, I started to eat avocado, eggplant, and hummus. Now, most of my meals include avocado of some sort.

3. Learn how to love your body. When you see the ingredients you are using in your foods, you are showing your body how much love and care for it. When you are ordering food from a fast food restaurant, you do not get to see the process and you definitely do not even get to see what is in your meals because you are not standing there making it. The more I cooked my meals, the more I learned to appreciate my body even more. I was treating my body the way it was supposed to be treated.

Choosing to live healthy is a choice. I made the choice back in 2012 to want a healthier version of myself. Many times we do not realize how critical it is to eat healthy. No longer should we invest in medications to cure illnesses that we can avoid by investing in what we eat – everyday of the year. You can start making this choice and live this awesome life – today. Do not delay the process.

It’s a lifestyle!


Tanisha Shanee


Breakfast Talk!

Breakfast is so critical to your day! Most Americans skip breakfast during the week… why? Because they do not have the time in the morning, they skip and just wait for lunch. By doing this, you are putting yourself in a deeper unhealthy situation – eating a heavier lunch or snacking on unhealthy things in effort of trying to fight the urge.

My clients and people constantly ask me what can they have for breakfast?

My first suggestion: OATMEAL!

Oatmeal has many great benefits.

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