How I Maintained My Weight Loss After 4 Years

Hey! So, the other day I was reading an article and it stated over 40 million people are on a diet, but 65% of those people are more likely to gain most or all the weight back. It made me appreciate my journey. This past weekend, I celebrated over 4 years on my journey – lost over 100 pounds, but thankfully I fell in the 35% of people. 
How have I been successful

1. I stopped calling it a diet and made it a lifestyle. This is critical in losing and keeping it off. Diets are meant for short term goals. But, lifestyles are meant for the rest of your life. 

2. I changed my mindset about life and this entire journey. Changing the mindset includes how you view your relationship with food. Understanding how you got to your present state, but knowing you have the ability to absolutely change it. Just knowing mentally that it is possible is the biggest step anyone on the journey can take. Just doing it is not always enough – having the right mindset will be best key.

3. I embarked on a spiritual journey as well. Most times we focus on just body and mind, but completely ignore the spirit. Our being consist of mind, body, and spirit; therefore, they are not separate entities. One day I said to myself, “I think I need to pray and meditate.” Honestly, that was the best decision I ever made. Now, I am not a religious person, but I am spiritual. I was feeding myself good foods and saying positive things, but I was not feeding my spirit anything – I had the same spiritual mentality despite being the same person.

Yes. These 4 years I have continued to follow these three practices because – they work. When I work with others as they devise a healthier life, my goal is to assist them these three areas of their journeys. 

The lifestyle journey is an amazing one when you are given some concrete strategies and steps. Many times people are throwing meal plans your way and expect you to just take action steps. Well, that is the reason why people are not always successful. The rest of them is not being properly fed and most people are not bridging the gap to bring all three – mind, body, and spirit – together as one entity.

Are you ready? Have you sat on the fence of wanting to make a lasting change, but have yet to decide it is possible, yet? I know. I was there back in 2012. Just know over 100 pounds off later, I know it is possible and I am ready to help you in devising the map towards your success story. 

Get started with me today. I am accepting new personal coaching clients and cannot wait for us to start working towards your success. 

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4 Reasons To Detox Immediately!

Wow! It is September already. Fall is here and honestly, I just think it is a perfect time to think about releasing of different things in life. The act of detoxing is the act of removing poison, waste from you body. But, in recent years, I realized detoxing was more than a physical act, it was a mental, emotional, and spiritual process. Detoxing is truly one of the best forms of self-love and self-care one can do for themselves. I am always asked when is a good time to detox and why? So, here are 4 reasons you should start to detox immediately.

Jump start a weight loss journey! Physical detoxing is rewarding because you are seeking to tanishafistrelease the waste, fat, and toxins that are stuck in your body. Your organs have been weighed down and overused over the years because of the poor lifestyle choices made – fast food, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. Detoxing the body will help to restore your organs, introduce foods that your body has not received and naturally receive the nutrients and vitamins you need to replenish you. The benefit is you will start to see pounds removed from your body, but importantly, you will feel a sense of renewal internally.

As many of you know, in October 2012, I was faced with my unhealthiest self. I weighed over 350 pounds. While I typically would start a diet, I realized starting with a detox was best because I had not been eating the things I needed to eat. What we do not realize is our body does not need medicine to heal us. The proper foods consumed will naturally heal you and will motivate you to start making healthier choices because the results are so rewarding. I started with a 21-30 day detox and was able to see results – I lost about 30 days by jump starting my lifestyle change with an incredible detox. I recommend starting with a 7 day detox and gradually continue. Here is a healthy tip to start detoxing with water. Read More

3 Detox Waters for Weight Loss

Every time you look around, you see another ad promoting a new fat burning pill or shake to help you lose the stubborn fat. Yes, they might work, but most people do not want to wait for a shipment in the mail or cough up the money for these pricey wonder pills. At least, I do not.

For the last 3+ years, I have done tremendous research on how to lose belly fat and since I am on a mission to lose the stubborn fat I put back on while I was recovering from my unexpected surgery, I decided to share some of the best detox waters that I used in the past and will drink again. The best part is, they are simple to create, easy to make, and are very delicious! Read More

Reboot your Lifestyle… Join Lifestyle Discovery MasterClass


At times we try to understand why we feel the way we do about our lives. Many of us are happy, but we are not fully complete about our lives. Why? 

What I found was that I had an unhealthy lifestyle. A lifestyle I inherit from my family, society, and even friends. We get sucked into what people tell us about life. 

Work hard and retire later. Pay health insurance and not live a healthy lifestyle. Complain because nothing else is going to happen. 

The reality is that we do not have to conform to these realities. We have to take necessary and intentional steps towards living an amazing life. One that is healthy and happy. Why healthy? Our health is our wealth. Poor health leads to poor life. Why happy? Joy eases everything no matter what is going on around you.

I found by taking simple steps, I saw an amazing change in my life.

1. Eat good foods to make me feel better – inside and out

2. Surround yourself with amazing, positive people. 

3. Change the way you perceive life as a whole.

4. Figure out what you love to do and do it everyday.

5. Find peace in your life.

Yes, these simple principles have led me to the life I am currently living. I have been on this journey for almost 4 years, so it is not some fly by night process. It takes time and practice – everyday. So, earlier this year,  I decided to create a program to help people on a quest for a similar life – Lifestyle Discovery Master Class. It focuses on establishing a complete transformation in your life – mind, body, and spirit. We discuss ways to take necessary and intentional steps and how we can put them into practice each and everyday. You cannot change your life, if you do not change your life!

For all my blog followers, I am offering an amazing deal to you all. For today, Wednesday, July 6, 2016, if you use promo code: BLOG4, you will receive 25% off the next Lifestyle Discovery MasterClass taking place on July 11th.

Dedicate 5 weeks to a healthier lifestyle and see how you can start making these changes to see a difference in your life. 

To register, visit and click the link, Lifestyle Discovery Master Class. Do not forget to use promo code BLOG4 for savings!

Remember, your health is your wealth. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Tanisha Shanee

Emotions and Weight Gain

On Saturday, July 2, I was interviewed by a wonderful woman, Miyume, on her radio show, Epiphany with Miyume on Accelerated Radio. This was my second time appearing on her show and I must say, it is always an amazing experience because it does not only focus on the weight loss story. For the last three years, I have tried to find outlets that want to hear more about HOW someone become morbidly obese – regardless of educational background, income, or race. 

As many of you know, I used to weigh over 350 pounds and while I did not have health conditions, it was not healthy to be at this weight. When I decided to lose weight, I was literally doing it to just get healthier, but as I started to help people on their quest to living healthier, I realized so much went into me becoming over 350 pounds – good and many bad moments. Poor relationships, overworking myself at work, being unhappy with my life, and just attempting to be perfect. That is just a short list because even recently, I realized I was more unhealthy because I was too busy judging people like my father for deciding to live a life with drugs. We have to have reality checks and determine how our emotions play in our weight gain and as you seek to release the weight, you find ways to heal those emotional open wounds.

Check out this interview. It was quite amazing and as always, anytime I can share my journey with an audience, I am definitely pleased. Many people lose the weight and never care to share to enlighten others on their journeys. As many of you know, I accept this is my purpose and I am on a mission to help many of you to join me on a life of living healthier and happier moments.

Enjoy the week and Happy 4th of July!

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Tanisha Shanee XOXOXO

SUCCESS… Are you Consistent?

This morning during my walk, I kept thinking and asking myself, how are these people so successful? Earlier this week, I got to meet Motown Records’ recording artist, Sonna Rele. During her interview, she shared she was discovered by Ne’Yo because for two years, every Monday, she would post a video of her singing. Immediately, I understood what my problem in life was.

As many of you know, I have been on this lifestyle journey with Christ and living my purpose for the last two years. But, I consistently have bumps in my journey. Now, as I am honest with myself, they were not real bumps. I created those bumps because I refused to be consistent. Every day God sends me messages – shoot, I am honestly sent several messages a day. But, I would not be consistent with my messages. I made excuses why I could not deliver my messages – nobody wants to hear it; my hair is a mess; my journey was my journey – nobody needs to hear about me losing weight. Consistent message: I was making it about me.

img_0648We make a habit of being consistent of the wrong things. We focus on what if it does not work instead of what if it does work. Imagine the person that created the swimming pool noodle probably was consistent in trying to help new swimmers in not drowning with this long noodle. If he/she would had dwelled on what if nobody purchases it or what if it does not work, instead of what if 1 million people purchased this and what if it is successful, Walmart and Dollar Tree stores would not be flooded with them during this summer season. We have to stop being consistent in negative thoughts and take the chance of being consistent in positive thoughts. Read More

Meal Prep… Your Savior!

Living in a big city such as New York City can be very difficult to settle down and find time to eat a healthy meal. We live up the name of the city that never sleeps because I know people that wake up at the crack of dawn and are out the house until close to midnight – insane. When I started my lifestyle journey in 2012, one of the first things I had to learn how to do was find time to eat healthier – regardless of my schedule. At one time, I was working two jobs and was coming home at 11pm at night. So, my solution was meal prepping. (See my tip in Prevention Online magazine)

Naturally, I spend about 2-4 hours on Sunday’s preparing my meals for the week. This saves me time and energy because during the week, I could get real busy with working out, attending events, or recording for my webTV series, so I do not need to open the window of opportunity to eat unhealthy – every day.

After I started coaching people, I found more people had extremely busy schedules and they literally had limited time to prepare their meals, so I got the idea to assist those busy professionals in achieving their lifestyle goals. In 2015, I started Healthy Eating Solutions and we provide meal prepping to busy professionals in New York City – medical professionals, lawyers, corporate senior executives, and entrepreneurs. Our clients are not all looking to lose weight, but seek to establish healthier lifestyles overall. image

Like I tell anyone that do not see the benefits of meal prepping or investing in meal prepping, here are three benefits I want to share with you.

1. You save money. In NYC especially, people can easily spend anywhere between $3-30 a day on eating out from breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Purchasing your groceries once a week and preparing your meals will reduce your cost tremendously. The meal prep service will bring you around $18 a day for at least 2 healthy meals.

2. Try new, exciting meals and foods. When I started preparing my meals in 2012, I turned to the Internet. Pinterest and Instagram are great places to start when you are searching for new options. It opened my eyes to trying foods I never ate before. In the last year, I started to eat avocado, eggplant, and hummus. Now, most of my meals include avocado of some sort.

3. Learn how to love your body. When you see the ingredients you are using in your foods, you are showing your body how much love and care for it. When you are ordering food from a fast food restaurant, you do not get to see the process and you definitely do not even get to see what is in your meals because you are not standing there making it. The more I cooked my meals, the more I learned to appreciate my body even more. I was treating my body the way it was supposed to be treated.

Choosing to live healthy is a choice. I made the choice back in 2012 to want a healthier version of myself. Many times we do not realize how critical it is to eat healthy. No longer should we invest in medications to cure illnesses that we can avoid by investing in what we eat – everyday of the year. You can start making this choice and live this awesome life – today. Do not delay the process.

It’s a lifestyle!


Tanisha Shanee


Living with Psoriasis

When I started my lifestyle journey in 2012, I thought by eating natural foods and taking better care of my body that I was improving my overall health. Yes, I was losing weight and my body was looking awesome, but in early 2014, I noticed my hair was extremely dry. Now, I was already drinking over 100 ounces of water a day, so why was my skin still dry??? I started making homemade conditioners with avocado and olive oil and let my hair set for HOURS – no relief. By September 2014, my hair was literally falling out and I had ugly black patches on my scalp. But, that was not the most horrible problem because by November 2014, my legs were starting to cover in ugly dry patches and they were starting to cover my thighs – what was going on?

I went to one dermatologist and she gave me some ointment for my hair and told me I had dermatitis and could not explain what was happening on my legs – REALLY? She said used the ointment on my scalp and my leg too. Ok. The scalp saw some relief, but my leg started to become discolored. I stopped using it. So, I went to a new dermatologist and she indicated I had bed bug bites. WHAT? Oh lord. I was in my house going crazy, but my spiritual mom said, “That does not look like bed bugs. Those are patches, not bites. Find a new doctor.”  Read More

I’m Back… For Good!!!

Yes! I am so sorry that I have been gone for so long. But, as you can imagine, life gets in the way and many times it is difficult to make decisions on where and what to do next.

As many of you know, I am a Healthy Lifestyle Strategist and honestly, I was very unsure how far I wanted to take my story and outreach of healthy living. Praying has played a major part in my life for the last few years, but I have been really taking an extra effort to pray diligently on where my life is headed. Locally in the New York City area, I have been preparing people’s healthy meals. This has been working out great, but I felt it was just not enough.

Read More