Love helped me to identify my Spiritual Gift… Hidden messages…¬†

I know people that  fall madly in love with every relationship. I can admit I’ve only been in love 2 times in my life. The first was my 1st love at 17 years old. The next was so unexpected, but that relationship showed me every relationship will not last forever, but every relationship has a lesson and message. 

Many do not know this, but I received my Bachelor’s degree in Communications. I wanted to be like my mentor – the best publicist on earth. When I finished school I was not successful in securing a position in PR, but she had started her own business. My mentor added me as her Junior Publicist. We worked primarily with hip-hop artists. I was excited!

I’ll never forget the day I met our new client, Keith (not his real name). Keith had an interview in Harlem, NY, but my mentor was unable to go. I had to go.  Instantly, I knew Keith liked me and secretly I liked him, too. Due to my work ethics, I never took Keith seriously, but he was very direct. I let it go because I promised myself I would never date an artist. When the contract ended, Keith and I stayed in contact, but I was unable to keep up with his lifestyle. So, we ceased all communication in 2007.

Fast forward to 2014! I was in the mist of my weight loss journey and was 130 pounds lighter and newly single. My first love and I ended our relationship and honestly I was not seeking a relationship. With the help of social media, Keith and I crossed paths. I did not follow him on Instagram and did not know he was following me. One day I took a picture of one of my delicious healthy meals and guess who commented? Keith!!! Oh no! 

We exchanged numbers and one conversation sparked all the feelings I thought ended in 2007. When we saw one another, I can admit I was excited and nervous – a girl had butterflies lol. Keith asked about my weight loss and I shared all I went through over the journey. He said to me that I should write a book. A book??? I thought Keith was crazy. 

One argument with Keith led me to writing my book. Instead of being petty and going tit for tat, I used that energy to write my draft… in 4 days! Talk about inspiration! 

One night I just kept asking him different questions. I wanted to know why and how he dealt with his fame over the years. Although I was not ‘famous’, I was being featured in different magazines and online publications, and now that I had a book – what’s next? I guess, I knew deep inside one day it would go further, huh?

Keith was the best resource in understanding my confusion. I wanted to know what made him become an artist. He told me how it made him feel good to make music to make others feel good. Wow! I never expected that answer. I’ve never asked any of the artists I’ve worked with that question, so I was not sure what to expect as an answer. 

Keith said this was his gift. That made me think… “Did I have a gift?”

I didn’t see the connection until January 2016 ūüė≥ talk about delayed reaction. 

One night at church, the pastor spoke about spiritual gifts. He had us reading and analyzing 1 Corinthians 12. I will never forget how I felt. I sat in church crying. I finally understood what Keith meant. God placed this gift within me to bless others. Being a Lifestyle Expert is a fancy word… I was gift with helping others to solve their lifestyle problems. I used to joke and say I was the Olivia Pope in Healthy Lifestyle… The Lifestyle Fixer. But, I am. My gift is to teach others on how to live a healthier life and start living the lifestyle God intended for them at birth. 

When the relationship ended in 2014, I was hurt because I fell in love with him. But, I now understand he was sent back into my life at that particular moment to help me in acknowledging this amazing gift. Thank Keith for inspiring me to write my book. I thank Keith for opening my eyes to this gift that God blessed me with. Yes, it took over a year for me to understand how and what my spiritual gift was, but I’m thankful for this discovery. 

This relationship was a perfect example that there are hidden lessons in love. Keith and I are still friends, but I love him more for allowing me to know it’s okay to want more. He showed me that your dreams can come true if you stand firm in your faith. While he’s not on Billboard’s Top 100 today, he’s an icon and his music makes his fans feel good even 20+ years later. That’s the impact I want. I want to make people feel good about themselves and want to inspire them to want the happiest and healthiest life because that’s what God intended for us. 

Don’t feel depressed about an old love. Find the hidden message in that relationship. ūüėć


It’s your life… Live it like Beyonc√©…

Everyone is going crazy over Beyonc√©’s new song, Formation. If I am honest, I am not a fan of her, but this song changed everything!!! Beyonc√© is living her life – by her rules and that’s the message (one of many) I received.

She made a statement about the Illuminati and I agree. People believe just because people are rich and wealthy, they worship the Devil. People will question why they have nice things and expect celebrities to save every crisis in the world because of their financial success. Sadly, I disagree.  Read More

You can lose weight and still be unhappy…


Yes, the title is accurate. Losing weight is just an action. Losing weight does not lead to complete happiness. Let me share a story…

In October 2014, I took a job that was 8 minutes from my home and I was making over $85,000. I had lost over 150 pounds over the previous year and a half. So, to people I should’ve been extremely happy. My life should had been perfect.

Well, on my 2nd day at this new job I was already crying and knew I made a bad decision. In 4 months, I gained 15 pounds. I was miserable. I could not stand people and I was back being angry majority of the time. Guess what? That 150 pound success story featured in multiple publications no longer mattered because I was not happy.

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We all have a purpose…

Hey! So, I have a story to share…

On Sunday, January 24, 2016, I woke up in extreme pain. I found out I was pregnant that Friday, but I was already afraid. I had a miscarriage in 2011 and that’s all I could think about. But, that pain was so intense that I could not ignore it. I kept hearing a whisper, “Go today.”

So, I went!

I walked to Kings County Hospital because we just had a blizzard – 24 inches! I didn’t complain, but I did enjoy the view. It was beautiful after the snowstorm! What a blessing.

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Breakfast Talk!

Breakfast is so critical to your day! Most Americans skip breakfast during the week… why? Because they do not have the time in the morning, they skip and just wait for lunch. By doing this, you are putting yourself in a deeper unhealthy situation Рeating a heavier lunch or snacking on unhealthy things in effort of trying to fight the urge.

My clients and people constantly ask me what can they have for breakfast?

My first suggestion: OATMEAL!

Oatmeal has many great benefits.

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Healthy Living Changed MY LIFE!


I am Tanisha Shanee, International Healthy Lifestyle Expert, Author, and Inspirational Speaker. Healthy living became a major part of my life without my intentions. It was like magic… well, not really, but it has been a journey that I would never exchange in my life.

When I started this journey, it was solely to lose weight. I was once over 350 pounds… In October 2012, I was unable to read my weight on the scale – yes, I was that heavy. That night was when my lifestyle started! I was on a mission to lose weight, but it turned out to become the first leg of my lifestyle shift – mind, body, and spirit.

So, I focused on learning how to eat properly.

Not a diet, but truly understand the pyramid we were tortured with. I realized the focus was not fruits, but vegetables. It was not salad, but dark greens for more nutritional value. I understood calorie intake, why sugar was actually bad for us, and how to still enjoy bread without gaining weight. It is true. 80% nutrition towards a healthier life and it was now making sense.

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